The Softness Training Programme

Learn how to read your horse and combine it with connection, feel and timing to create softness in your horse. Start on the ground.... take it to the saddle!.

Welcome to The Softness Training Programme!

The Softness Training Programme was born from my passion to help people transform the relationship and partnership they have with their horses so they can go and enjoy whatever it is they like to do with them in a safe, fun way for all parties involved: both Horse and Human!

Going through the program will give you skills that help you connect with your horse and read him intimately. It is a course that focuses on the development of emotional and physical softness in the horse by looking at Connection, Feel and Timing.

The course material is delivered to you in six installments over the course of 7 months. You will also be invited to send videos for feedback and interact with other students via a closed Facebook Group.

Every month, for the duration of the course (6 months) there is a Group Coaching Call where you can have your questions answered live and interact with other students of the course.

What it covers:

  • Module 1: Softness Through Connection. Learn how to improve emotional softness in our horses by connecting with them from the moment we approach them in the field every time we visit them and how to keep that connection whilst we go about our every day tasks with them
  • Module 2: Creating Softness from the Ground. Learn how to create physical softness in your horse from the ground. We will focus on developing your feel and timing.
  • Module 3: Maintaining Softness in the Saddle. Learn how to maintain lateral softness you have created on the ground and take it a step further. We will look at a series of ridden exercises that will develop balance, confidence, good posture and as a result self carriage.

“I believe a soft horses are a happy horses, and I can’t wait to help you make sure your horse is happy, too.”


This is what some of Softness Training Students are saying... more at www.softnesstraining.com

“I never thought I could have such a happy boy”

“We both improved and deepened our relationship”.

“Simple to implement with profound results”

”I loved the verbal and visual feedback”

Your Subscription to this course includes:

  • Learning Materials: Delivered to your e-mail box in 6 installments over the time of 6 months (once a month):
  • Access to our dedicated Softness Training Community Group on Facebook: you will invited to be part of a friendly supportive community of other Softness Training Students
  • Personalized voice over feedback of videos:. You will receive instructions on how to submit these videos in the learning materials.
  • Live Group Coaching: there will be a private webinar once a month where you can come and have your questions answered live. A great way to connect and interact LIVE with your instructor and other members of the Softness Trainining Community worldwide.
  • If you are interested in becoming a Softness Training Ambassador (STA) you can request a Score Card to submit an Assesment at the end of each Module. When you complete the 3 Modules successfully (you will receive your "Guidelines for Success" with your Score Card) we will send you a Certificate of Achievement and you will be eligible to be a STA (Softness Training Ambassador. (This means you get an affiliate link to the programme and can represent Softness Training in your area! Please contact us for more info if you are interested).

You can expect to spend about 30 minutes looking through the learning material of each lesson. How much time you spend with your horse after that, will depend on your personal circumstances. For maximum progression and palpable results I recommend at least 3 sessions a week with your horse. However, if this is not possible - it doesn't matter! You just take the time it takes...and you can always have more than one session during a single visit!

Please note that you need to have access to the internet to watch the videos and a facebook account so you can join the Facebook Group for feedback and coaching.

Thank you again for joining me. I am committed to giving you all the support I can towards creating that dream partnership with your horse.

See you in Class! In the meantime,

Happy Connecting,


If you would like to have some help before the course starts, you can join my 1-2-1 Softness Training Online Coaching. More information on that on my facebook page: Softness Training

Your Instructor

Monica Andreewitch
Monica Andreewitch

Brought up in Caracas, Venezuela, Monica developed her love of horses in a natural, free and spontaneous environment of the family’s weekend home in rustic countryside. She went on to study Veterinary Medicine at University for three years before leaving to start her family. The love of horses never left her, nor did the desire to find the most compassionate and effective way to care for them and to train them.

With family grown up, Monica went back to the equine world, qualifying as a Riding Instructor in Germany and an Equine Body Worker in the UK, where she also competed successfully in affiliated dressage and eventing. Monica's next career stop was to represent an Australian horsemanship program in the UK, a role that took her to Australia various times to study horses. This was followed by complementing her coaching skill by qualifying as an EFL Coach.

With her broad spectrum of life and experiences, her love of horses and passion to find the best way to work with them, Monica has created and now runs her own Softness Training Programme, helping people to learn how to read their horses, connect with them and create trusting partnerships.

Monica lives in Andalucía, Spain with her partner Ian, running Finca Las Posadas, home to a very happy herd of 15 horses. From there, she offers Riding Holidays and teaches her Softness Training Program. She also travels to teach and does online coaching. You can find out more about her work by visiting Softness Training and The Pony Academy , the website of her very special riding school in Surrey, dedicated to teaching soft horsemanship and sharing the joy of ponies with children from the age of 4.

Course Curriculum

  Module 1: Creating Softness through Connection (Video: 3 Minutes) What we will be covering in this Module
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The next course starts in February 2019 and finishes in August 2019. There is 6 months worth of material. There will be 6 Coaching Calls (one each month) to give you the opportunity of having your questions answered live. There will also be continuos support and feedback in our dedicated Facebook Group.
How long do I have access to the course?
You have access to the learning materials for "life" (as long as the internet, teachable and facebook continue to exist as they do!)
How many times a week do I need to visit my horse to follow this course?
In an ideal world.... at least three times a week. HOWEVER, you can create 2 or more sessions in one visit! So, if you have a couple of hours on the weekend.... just go out and spend sometime with your horse, then take a break (always something to do around the yard!) and then go and have another session! Please do not worry if you don't see your horse at least three times a week. Just take the time it takes. It isn't a race!
Where can I get more information?
Please visit my website: www.softnesstraining.com for more information, testimonials and contact information.

This course is not open for enrollment.