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I am so excited about The Softness Training Vault I have created for you. It is the home of all my articles, my videos, my audios, my knowledge.... everything I have learned from sharing with, caring for and learning about horse. I want to share with you,and the world, how to crack the code of becoming your Horse's Best Friend... whatever it is we do with them!

If you have been looking for ways to rekindle the fun with your horse, whilst staying safe and feeling connected, you are in the right place!

Easy to understand. Simple to apply. No jargon...

...and your horse will love you for it!

With the information you will find in this vault, you'll develop a better understanding of how your horses thinks, how they learn, why they do what they do and how you can interact with them in a way that keeps them (and you!) feeling safe, soft and connected.

All of this

  • at a fraction of the cost of weekly lessons
  • without having to sift through endless posts and websites and groups
  • without needing a diploma in Equine Behaviour to unravel the jargon is some of the material that is out there.
  • from the comfort of your living room (until you go out and try it out with your horse!)

"Simple, but profound!" Wendy Firmin-Price

My Promise to you, and your horse, is that if you apply the principles you will learn here , you will both feel safer, have more fun and feel more connected!

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet!

The Vault has several sections to cater for people that would like to read about it, watch it or listen to it! It also has material for the first time horse owner, the accomplished equestrian that would like to pursue softer ways and the professional that would like to add more strings to their teaching and training bow.

  • The Articles Section: This is where I dump my brain! If something is going around in my head, I love writing about it and will be storing it here for easy access.
  • The Video Section: This is where I share videos that will have educational value for you. Some are of students with their feedback or being coached. Some of me with my horses. Sometimes I upload videos of my online courses, too. All raw and real! No fancy editing. It is also where I also keep recordings of live meetings that I feel might be of interested to you.
  • The Audio Section: In case you like to listen to stuff - I have an audio version, too! This is where the recordings of my Facebook Lives are stored and I call them my Poo Picking Ponderings, because they are inspired by ponderings that arise while I am Poo Picking! (Only another horse lover would understand that name!)

New Content added periodically. I will let you know when it drops via an email with a link to the new material.

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If you would like more that just the learning material, I invite you to join The Vault's Inner Circle where you will have all the above, plus:

  • Access to the weekly live Q&A/Checking in Sessions.
  • Live Access to Interactive Monthly Masterclasses
  • Live attendance with the option to ask questions to "Ask the Expert" Interviews I do from time to time
  • Enhanced discounts to all my workshops and events
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  • Access to my personal videos, as I produce them
  • 30 minutes of Video Coaching a month (you send a video, I send some feedback!)
  • Monthly "Post Club".... my version of a Book Club, but instead of a book, a social media post I might find interest for us to discuss.
  • Private Facebook Community for discussion, sharing and support

I look forward to seeing you Inside!

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