The Softness Training Platform

Helping you stay safe, have fun and feel connected with your horse!

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Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

This platform is where I spill my brain, record my experiences, share my videos and extend my hand to you if you are interested in finding out how you can create more softness and connection in their horses.

I understand how frustrating it can be when things aren't going right with your horse. I promise it doesn't need to be as complicated as it seems when you go looking for answers on the internet! I got your back.... get in touch!

At present I have three offerings for you:

  • The Monthly #100SofterHorses for 2023 - The Softness Training Connection Challenge, an opportunity to come and work with me for 3 days and find out what I do and how I can help you and your horse become best friends and develop softness and connection. I will put you on your way to feeling safer, having more fun and feeling more connected with your horse. (Free, including a month access to The Softness Training Learning Circle)
  • The Softness Training Learning Circle, a big bundle of videos, articles, podcasts, community and a monthly giveaway. The Circle is my most precious baby and it is where I spill my brain, record my experiences, share the experiences of other, share my thoughts and invite you to a monthly lucky-draw of a 4-week Private Online Coaching worth with me that is worth £120. (£27 a month)
  • The Softness Training Inner Circle of Friends: This is a very special community (on Facebook), where I offer live coaching, a monthy live virtual "Ask the Expert" mornings, weekly check-ins (on Zoom) and discounts on all my courses and events, both live and online (£47 a month). Being part of The Inner Circle of Friends means that you always have me a message away, ready to support you and help you in anyway I can with your horse.

To see more about any of these offers, please enroll in the school (free of charge) by clicking on the button above and then search for The #100SofterHorses Challenge or The Softness Training Learning Circle.... all the information is there! If you would like to join The Inner Circle of Friends, please get in touch via Facebook or Email and I will take you through the application process.

Note: If you have already enrolled on this platform before, then you need to log in to get to your courses.

I look forward to sharing stories and getting to know you and your horse.

See you inside!